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Thinking About Shopping for Used Cars Online? Think Again

We are currently part of a generation where 87% of all shopping happens online. Be it our monthly groceries or the long-awaited flat screened TV, we prefer window shopping from the comfort of our couch, touching a few buttons and having the products directly delivered to our homes. The convenience is truly addictive and we love it when all our shopping fantasies come true online. So, when you are actually thinking about buying a used car, why not go online for this as well? Why not scan through a few websites and have the vehicle delivered directly to your garage without any hassles? Well, if there is one area where online shopping is still struggling, it is here. And you must think more than twice before buying a used car online.
Numerous things can go wrong when you order a vehicle from a dealership who does not actually have a brick and mortar store. Consider the following pointers before you hit that “add to cart” option while shopping for used cars online and then decide whether your purchase will be worth it or not.

  • You may not get what you saw
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Suppose you fell in love with a white Camry on an online dealer’s website but the actual car that comes to your house may not be white at all. And that might not be your only worry. What you see online is only a picture. You cannot manually inspect the car until you have paid a handsome amount for it and the vehicle actually arrives. When such a sum of investment is on the line, you will want to carry out your own examinations first before committing to anything, all of which can only happen in an offline dealership


  • Getting in touch will be herculean
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The absence of an actual store makes it difficult to contact your dealer should your used car face any problems. First, the online arena does not have a great reputation when it comes to customer service. And second, as they do not function from one hub, their response might be unnecessarily delayed. You will call a customer executive with your problem, he/she will then relay it to the brand, then the dealer will contact a technician, and you can imagine the length. For offline dealers, everyone is right at hand. Any service for you is always prompt.


  • It is easier to hide terms online

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    You might feel enticed with a lot of deals online but it is also that much easier to bury hidden terms on a website. How many of us have the patience to sit through the terms and conditions page on a computer and then place a call to the online dealer to clarify all our doubts? It is simpler to transact in person, question every deal directly with the staff and cut directly to the chase without involving any middlemen. You may feel that a used car is cheaper online but such dealers typically levy high delivery and other charges to make the amount soar


  • Quality of cars depends on the sellers

    Buy here Pay Herenow suppose you manage to find an online dealer who ticks all the right boxes. But even here, you must take note that the dealer is never the actual seller. Such dealers source their vehicles from other car lots or individual sellers who are directly responsible for the car’s quality that you get. Your online dealer may be trustworthy, but they cannot vouch for their source. On the flip side, the top offline dealers inspect every car that they absorb for their lot. Having an in-house capacity enables them to maintain a high quality of used cars.
    To summarize, in this one area, it is wise to stay away from the online world. Buy your used car the good old-fashioned way.
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