FAQ – The Family Auto Group


Most of the conventional car dealerships utilize third-party lenders to provide vehicle financing. In BHPH one buys a vehicle through what’s known as in-house financing versus through a third party, like a bank. BHPH is a very good option if your credit score is challenging, if you don’t have any credit, or if you are trying to build a credit.

A car has turned into a necessity in everybody’s life, and people today believe buying a car with less than perfect credit history can be hard. When you would like to finance a car without a bad credit, you need to identify dealers that don’t look at your past and indeed look at your future. Family Auto has a quick and easy approval process, and in-house financing, and we look at your income and ability to pay for your car and not your credit score. At Family Auto your bad credit is good with us.

In today’s world one’s credit score is the best diagnosis of someone’s financial well-being. Your credit rating is generated depending on the info in your credit report. A bad credit score or the deficiency of credit history can indicate you are going to be facing challenges later in getting credit line or any kind of financial loan.

It is numerical expression based on a level of various fiscal ratings like your payment history like amounts owed, length of credit, new credit, and types of credit used etc. Credit ratings are made to measure the danger of default by considering various things in an individual’s fiscal history. A credit rating helps lenders evaluate a credit score report because it’s a number that summarizes credit risk, dependent on a snapshot of a credit score report at a specific point in time. It represents an individual’s creditworthiness.

Unfortunately no, Family Auto don’t accept credit cards, you can pay in cash, check, or via debit cards.

It’s not quite straightforward to obtain an automobile loan for people with bad credit. They often face denials from the conventional financing options, indeed, at Family Auto we are income driven and not credit driven. Our process is simple and quick, we can do a quick application and tell you the results right away. Contact your nearest Family Auto or Uncle Joe’s dealership today and we will get you driving.

Typically, you require 4 things, valid South Carolina’s driver license, social security card, proof of income (two recent pay stubs), and proof of address. We will do a quick application and get your driving.

We will do a quick application based on your information, and the process is fast and easy, and you will get the response (most likely favorable) right away. We are income driven and not credit driven, so you don’t have to worry about your challenged or no credit. We approve more than 90% of customer applications.

Come to us with these four things i.e. valid South Carolina’s driver license, social security card, proof of income, proof of address and some cash for the down payment, and you will be in out quickly. Typically, we take somewhere between 45 mins to 2 hours to complete a process.

We are in the Buy Here Pay Here or BHPH business for around 20 years and have served tens of thousands of customers. We have total of ten dealerships and huge selection of vehicles, flexible payment options, and easy payment terms. One thing that makes us unique and stands us apart from the crowd is our 2 years / 36,000 miles limited warranty on all our vehicles. Where most of the buy here pay here sell cars “as is,” we stand by our quality cars and commitment to our customers.

Most of the finance companies look at your credit score before financing a vehicle, whereas, we don’t give much emphasis to your credit score; for us your job/income is your credit. If you can afford a car – we can finance. We know bad things can happen to good people, divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions – no worries. With our program you can get a quality, safe, and reliable vehicle.

After doing your quick application we budget you for the cars you can afford. Down payment typically depends upon the car you wish to purchase. Please also remember the more down payment means lesser amount financed and smaller payments. On one side we encourage all our customers to pay good amount for the down payment so that their payments are low and on other side we run promotions from time to time for the customers who cannot afford whole or part of the down payment, and during those promotions typically down payments are very less.

Typically, it depends upon your selection of the vehicle and your budget. We usually don’t expect higher than 20% of your monthly salary on the down payments.

Yes, all our cars come with the 2 years or 36,000 miles limited warranty (unless mentioned otherwise) with $100 deductible. The warranty covers all major issues such as engine, transmission, etc.

Family Auto has 10 physical buy here pay here locations in the Upstate of South Carolina. They are Family Auto of Anderson, Family Auto of Berea, Family Auto of Easley, Family Auto of Greenville, Family Auto of Greer, Family Auto of Pickens, Family Auto of Simpsonville, Family Auto of Spartanburg, and couple of more locations as Uncle Joe’s Cars & Trucks at Blackstock Rd, and Reidville Road in Moore, SC.

Yes, Uncle Joe’s is a part of the Family Auto Group. They have two locations one on Blackstock Rd, and another one on Moore, SC.

Yes you can make online payment at your respective Family Auto Dealership website with little service charge. Apart from online payments you can call in to make a payment or visit us personally.

Yes, we have a phone app and you can download that from the Play Store or App Store by searching Family Auto Group. With our phone app you have the option to get in touch with the dealership, your sales rep, etc. You can also refer us from the phone app and can ear referral money. The app can also help get the payment reminders as well as notifications on the specials.

We accept cash or card as per your choice.

Family Auto has flexible payment terms and we can adjust your payment day as per your pay day. You can opt in for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments.

Yes, we do accept trade-ins, just drive down with your old vehicle, and we get let you know the trade-in value for your old vehicle and you can drive away with your new to you used vehicle.

Yes, and sometimes it is necessary to have a co-signer to get approved.

In case you have trouble getting a car insurance we have third-party CPI cover insurance to get you riding.