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We Offer 2 Years/36,000 Miles Warranty On Our Cars

We provide a 2 Years / 36,000 months limited warranty on all our vehicles (unless specified otherwise). Yes, you read it correctly! It’s a used car warranty.

By the time you purchase a used vehicle their original warranty is gone. We sell all our cars with 2 years or 36,000 miles hard to beat warranty for the used cars. It is like extended warranty on the used cars and more so come with the peace of mind. It covers engine, transmission, motor, and all other major components and repairs with just $100 deductible on each instance, on comparison it almost matches with a new car warranty.


  1. A limited warranty gives you confidence in your vehicle for years down the road. All you have to do is maintain your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. Then, if you have a breakdown, service can be obtained in accordance with your coverage
  2. Excellent coverage. Coverage for parts and labor costs.
  3. Small deductible of $100 on each instance. Pay only a small deductible for each covered repair.
  4. While traveling outside your coverage area, service can be obtained at the facility of your choice in the United States and Canada.

Please contact us and we will be very glad to share vehicles warranty information before or after your purchase.

Note: This document provides an overview of coverage under an Assured Vehicle Protection or Buckeye Insurance limited warranty. Actual contract coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary.