Bad Credit - No Credit Financing For The Used Cars

Bad Credit – No Credit Financing For The Used Cars

Most people require some financing to purchase a car. Getting car financed with no or bad credit can be a challenge. Most of the conventional financing options like banks are credit based and won’t finance unless you have good credit.

We at the Family Auto Group and Uncle Joe’s specialize in helping people with challenged credit, bad credit or no credit, we can help you get the financing you need.

We know times can be tough. Divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions, no worries. We focus on your future, not your past. We have in-house financing and can get you more easily approved. We understand life’s twists and turns, and for that reason we are not credit based but income based. Your credit is good with us. Your job is your credit!
Some of our dealerships also report credit (check out with your local dealership to see if they report credit), and your timely payment may help you rebuild your credit over the time.

Your payment will usually be no more than 20% of your income and the amount of down payment will determine your financed amount. The bigger the down payment you pay the smaller the car payment including your interest charges. Please note your title, tax, tag, and insurance are extra.
We have flexible payment plans and also accept trade-ins.